The Alchemy of Transformation

It is always helpful to begin with dedicating ourselves to an ideal, through prayer or affirmation.  So pausing at the threshold before beginning spiritual work is always a good beginning.    We begin by a willingness to witness and to clear out  old  beliefs, concepts, habits and attachments that no longer serve our highest good.  This enables us to drop more fully into our hearts, where we can open to deeper emotions that need acknowledgment and releasing.  As we go through this, we slowly begin to discover the sacred medicine and gifts that have been hidden in our wounds and impressions of the past. Purification and releasing  are a necessary stage in all inner work.

When  our hearts can rest in an inner spaciousness that is illuminated by receptive and loving awareness, we come to the second phase of our journey.  In reaching the center of the labyrinth, we return to our own center, where we stand in openness and silence, to welcome the subtle guidance of spirit. This is a prayerful listening presence that allows a flow of inspiration, new perceptions, creativity and intuition to stream freely.  Our hearts always recognize the illuminating light of true inner guidance when we have come to a place of emptiness and receptivity.  This is a phase that need not be rushed through, but to rest in this welcoming place for inner guidance for as long as we feel is right for us.

Then there is the phase of union and returning.  Life – and the remaining days of our lives – await us.  So even if it’s with some reluctance to leave the blissful state of at-one-ment, we slowly complete this phase of the journey to walk back into our lives with a focus and awareness of the gifts we are bringing with us.   Our return back out of the labyrinth of our lives is a deep savouring of the love, harmony and beauty that becomes our natural wish to share in very specific ways.  It is a joyful pathway back into the fullness of life in which we embody the empowerment and awareness  of our soul’s purpose.